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The Gift of Dance

Flower City Ballet school founder Wayne Blatt, 75, passed away after his long fought battle with colon cancer on Nov. 15, 2016. Erika Ruegemer, a dancer and choreographer, worked with Blatt for five years, has now taken his position as a lead instructor. As the Flower City Ballet prepares for its' 11th annual production of The Nutcracker without him, this story focuses on the stress of his death and how it affects the dancers who have worked with him over the years.
 Roles in collaboration with Joseph Ressler ( : Videographer, Editor. 

Cuba: Juan Carlo Rodriguez Martinez

Juan Carlo Rodriguez Martinez is a 49 year-old self employed barber who works out of his home in Havana, Cuba. He dreams of one day visiting the United States, but complications arise when having to take care of his family and business. President Obama has recently announced new and significant changes ahead of his historic trip to Cuba. Steps include Cubans to freely access and communicate through internet services, allow authorized expansion of goods from the U.S. to Cuba, and re-establish diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba in efforts to engage and empower the Cuban people.
Roles: Photographer, Editor. 

Michael and Rebekah

Michael Dyer, 59, has been in prison for most of his life. After being out for almost 20 years, he is now focused on being a loving father to his daughter Rebekah who turns 6 this year.
Roles: Videographer, Editor. 


Experimental film exploring the use of ambient audio, poetry and images.
Roles: Photographer, Editor.